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Implant positioning in the esthetic area: the prosthetic point of view

The possibility to deliver an esthetic implant prosthesis depends first of all on the availability of a sufficient volume of hard and soft tissues and on the correct positioning of the implants. However, it is also important for the clinician to have an in depth knowledge and understanding of the components, materials and solutions to employ when restoring them. Through the description of several clinical cases with compromises in the mesio-distal, bucco-lingual or apico-coronal position of the implant, the speaker demonstrates the role of presurgical planning and the limitations that the prosthodontist faces when fabricating the prostheses.

  • What are the consequences on the implant abutment profile and on the restoration of an excessively inclined implant?
  • What are the implications on the restorative solutions and outcome when using external hex vs. internal hex implants?
  • Which are the restorative options when the implant is placed too superficial or when the occluso-apical space for the restoration is limited?
  • What are the possible solutions to restore implants in the presence of extensive hard and soft tissue loss in an apico-coronal direction?
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