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Pink aesthetic. Indications and limitations

A beautiful smile seems to reflect a certain style of living and the enhancement of facial beauty is one of the primary golas of patient seeking elective dental care. However, aesthetics can not only be achieved by restoring the teeth, but also taking the surrounding tissues into consideration, such as gums and the lips.

The ideal conditions usually exist when the teeth are perfectly aligned on the dental arch. And if not, that can be corrected by means of orthodontics. However the difficulties start in case of tooth or teeth loss depending on how the soft tissues are handled, just after extraction. This kind of cases can be favorable, consistent, predictable, or risky and very challenging.

Creating the precission in terms of the preparation, fit and the aesthetic final outcome needs a serious treatment planning which is different for each case… Designing a new smile consists of many steps which are so very important and if followed right, produce predictable success.

In this lecture each of these conditions will be discussed in terms of their treatment planning, execution and the final results.

With an interdisciplinary approach, treatment planning is accomplished in a group setting with all treatment team members present. All treatment planning and treatment challenges can be discussed in a collaborative environment with team members complementing and supporting the efforts of each other.
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