Logo 1st International Symposium on Esthetic, Restorative & Implant Dentistry MARKUS HÜRZELER


Periodontally involved patients: can we treat their problems with implants?

There are whole regimens of proven therapies to preserve a periodontally-involved tooth in the esthetic zone. At the same time, the success of carefully considered and placed single tooth implant, restored with a full ceramic crown, is almost a certainty, specially looking at it from the functional point of view. Does it make sense to take out a compromised, but maintainable tooth, and replace it with an implant and crown? Can we expect a better esthetic outcome? Perhaps we have jumped the gun in promoting implants as the solution to a long-term maintenance issue. Whether that is the case or not, how should we decide? On what terms should we evaluate the appropriateness of each type of "predictable" treatment? Functional outcome? Esthetic outcome? Complexity? And Evidence?
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