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Restoration of "failing" teeth with implants in the aesthetic zone – the keys to success

The aesthetic rehabilitation of multiple failing teeth and the periodontally compromised dentition remains a challenge despite the numerous advances in the treatment of periodontitis, regenerative and dental implant therapies. This presentation will review the contemporary surgical and prosthetic concepts in management of implants in the aesthetic zone with a view to achieving optimum long term aesthetics and stability. With this in mind, novel approaches for aesthetic rehabilitation of periodontally compromised teeth in the aesthetic zone will be presented.

The outcomes depend on the clinical management and an understanding and application of the biological factors that infl uence our treatment outcomes. The optimal management of the interplay between bone, soft tissues and prosthetics determines the aesthetic outcome and the long-term stability of soft tissue aesthetics. An interdisciplinary approach is the key to success.

Participants will:
  • Learn the key principles for the diagnosis, treatment planning and management (both surgical & prosthetic) of failing teeth in the aesthetic zone
  • Gain an understanding of the biology of the periodontal and peri-implant tissues and the application of this knowledge to clinical decision-making.
  • Comprehend the behaviour of the bone & soft tissues around post-extraction sites and around dental implants
  • Learn the principles of bone and soft tissue management around implants, as well as how to manage bone and soft tissue defects in post-extraction sites and periimplant defects
  • Learn to manage both delayed and immediate implants
  • Be taught the keys to the management of single tooth and multiple tooth cases
  • Learn the benefi t of interdisciplinary case management
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