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Ceramic Wars in 3D: The Return of the Ceramist

The role of the ceramist in the delivery of highly esthetic ceramic restorations has been significantly and forever altered by the increased development and evolution of digitally created restorations. There is a clash or "war" in philosophies how human artistic expression can co-exist with the digital "machine world" as Ceramists struggle with how to adapt to the changing conditions, and themselves evolve their skills and services to survive and thrive in this new reality. So much so a global question is being asked, "What is left for me?"

The 2 most important areas for the foreseeable future where Ceramists can apply and excel in using their creative talents is in "Minimalistic ceramic layering" of natural teeth (which machines can't do) and idealizing and customizing what the machine world can produce by enamelizeing and sculpting cad-cam produced glass ceramics.

This presentation will cover the clinical and laboratory techniques for the minimalistic veneering of natural teeth (called the "Mini") and the enamelization and finishing of digitally produced restorations.
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