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Implant therapy: the integrated treatment plan

Over the recent decades we have witnessed a profound transformation in the way of conceiving and implementing the treatment plan, especially with regards to complex clinical cases. One of the main changes is the importance and attention given to the specifi c needs and desires of the patient who entrusts their oral health care to the professional.
In order to develop the most appropriate treatment plan, it becomes essential to identify the general profi le of the subject. This involves analyzing and evaluating the complex nature of the patientís clinical status, socio-economic situation, psychological characteristics, as well as the prognosis.
To achieve a thorough assessment of the patient, the diagnostic and therapeutic process must be reconsidered and developed into an integrated treatment plan that promotes, fi rstly, interaction between the various disciplines to ensure treatment supported by high quality scientifi c evidence and secondly, the active participation of the patient.
During the presentation, clinical examples described in the various stages of diagnosis and treatment will be discussed making use of video images showing hard and soft tissue reconstruction.
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