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Regenerative and Esthetic Techniques in Implant Surgery: Clinical Applications with recombinant growth factors

Through technologic advances the ability to achieve esthetic surgical results with conservative techniques continues to evolve. The integration of recombinant growth factor technology into the surgical armamentarium is changing the approach to dental implant site development. This presentation will provide an update on techniques for esthetic implant site development using rhPDGF-BB (recombinant human platelet-derived growth factor BB).

Cases will be presented demonstating successful treatment of extraction socket defects and ridge augmentation procedures in preparation for implant placement combining rhPDGF-BB with bone replacement grafts (BRGs). The use of growth factor technology is reducing the need for autogenous bone grafting and allowing for less invasive procedures. Techniques utilizing combined hard and soft tissue grafting for periodontal and implant applications will also be presented.
Applying tissue engineering to clinical decision-making achieves optimal biologic and esthetic results for challenging periodontal and implant cases.
Surgical management for esthetic challenges will be presented. Minimally invasive techniques will be presented and discussed.

Course Objectives:
  1. To understand the benefit of platelet-derived growth factor for localized ridge augmentation.
  2. To predictably sequence surgical therapy for complex dental implant cases.
  3. To compare and contrast various bone replacement graft biomaterials for use as growth factor enhanced matrices.
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