Logo 1st International Symposium on Esthetic, Restorative & Implant Dentistry ARIEL RAIGRODSKY


Zirconia based restorations – what have we learned?

Zirconia-based restorations have evolved dramatically in the past decade. This presentation will discuss the mechanical and optical properties of zirconia, as well as the results of clinical studies on zirconia-based restorations. The program will address the question of how the advent of CAD/CAM technology and various veneering porcelain application techniques may support the fabrication of these restorations. Comprehensive cases will be presented to demonstrate the use of zirconia-based restorations as part of an interdisciplinary treatment approach.

The learning objectives of this presentation are:
  • To gain understanding of the unique properties of zirconia, and how they translate to its clinical usage, including results of clinical studies.
  • To describe the techniques and technologies available for fabricating zirconiabased restorations with the advent of CAD/CAM technology supports.
  • To discuss the advantages and limitations of zirconia-based restorations.
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